Kothari Group: Manufacturer and exporters of Phthalocynine, Pigments, Optical Brightness, Paper, Textile and Detergent Chemicals in INDIA
Kothari Group
Kothari Group
Textile Auxiliaries and Dyestuffs
 Brand Optical Brightening Agent for Textile,  Applications

Product Name Application C.I. Field  of Application
Fixer CPL Methalol Melamine  


  Cross linking agent for Pigment Printing, Non-wovens, Interlining Materials, Permanent Finishes, Industrial Filter Fabric etc.
Fixer STD Modified Amino Formaldehyde based preparations  

Economical product used as a stiff permanent finishing agent for textile, Interlining Materials, Permanent Finishes, Industrial Filter Fabric etc.
Kemisol – MSW        
KEMISIZE PC Acrylic sizing agent for cotton and cotton blend yarns    
MULTIBRITE 2B Cellulosic Textile and Paper 24 Tinopal 2B CGY
MULTIBRITE BBU Cellulosic Textile 220 Blankophor BBU Bayer
MULTIBRITE BBU Liq. Textile 220 Blankophor BBU Liquid Bayer
MULTIBRITE BA Cellulosic fibers, Polyamide wool, silk and its blends 113 Blankophor BA 267% Bayer
MULTIBRITE BA Liq. High substantative Brighter for cellulose Fiber. 113 Blankophor BA Bayer
MULTIBRITE BHT High Temp. Stable product suitable for Cellulosic Fiber Polyamide & its Blend 252 Uvitex BHT CGY
MULTIBRITE BHT Liq. Cellulosic fibers, polyamide and its blends 252 Uvitex BHT CGY
MULTIBRITE VBL Cellulose Fabric viscose products, polyamide, silk & wool. 85 ---
MULTIBRITE PC For cellulosics fibres and their blends polymide 6 and 6.6 wool and silk. 134 Lecophor PC

Product categories
1. Phthalocyanine Pigments
2. Fluorescent brightening agent /optical Brightening agent
3. Resins and adhesives
4. Detergent polymers and chemicals
5. Textile auxiliaries and dyestuffs
6. Paper Chemicals
7. Construction Chemicals

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