Kothari Group: Manufacturer and exporters of Phthalocynine, Pigments, Optical Brightness, Paper, Textile and Detergent Chemicals in INDIA
Kothari Group
Kothari Group
Detergent Polymers and Chemicals

Product Name Application C.I. Field  of Application
Kemisol – PFD Acrylic Maleic Co- Polymer   Polymeric Addictive for Phosphate free detergent, cleaning and washing preparation for various applications.
MULTIBRITE 4BM Detergents 28 Uvitex 4BM CGY
MULTIBRITE CXT Detergents 71 Photine CXT HWL
Blue Colourant paste Pigment Emulsion   Colourant for Detergents

Product categories
1. Phthalocyanine Pigments
2. Fluorescent brightening agent /optical Brightening agent
3. Resins and adhesives
4. Detergent polymers and chemicals
5. Textile auxiliaries and dyestuffs
6. Paper Chemicals
7. Construction Chemicals

Kothari Group