Kothari Group: Manufacturer and exporters of Phthalocynine, Pigments, Optical Brightness, Paper, Textile and Detergent Chemicals in INDIA
Kothari Group
Kothari Group
Construction Chemicals


Name Application Field of Application
KEMIPLAST-600 Melamine based Superplasticizer for Concrete  
Kemicryl - HR Acrylic Polymer in organic solvent Kemicryl – HR is an acrylic polymer for glossy hard finish for cement tiles & paver blocks.


Product categories
1. Phthalocyanine Pigments
2. Fluorescent brightening agent /optical Brightening agent
3. Resins and adhesives
4. Detergent polymers and chemicals
5. Textile auxiliaries and dyestuffs
6. Paper Chemicals
7. Construction Chemicals


Kothari Group