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Nirbhay Rasayan Pvt Ltd

Product Name         Chemical Name Field of Application
Ennarcyanine Blue Crude Copper Phthalocyanine Blue Crude Basic Raw Material for Pigment Blue 15.0, Pigment Blue 15.1,  Pigment Blue  15.3, Green 7, Direct Blue 86, reactive Turquoise Blue 21 & 25.
Ennarcyanine alpha Blue Phthalocyanine Pigment Blue 15.0 Rubber, Plastic, Paints and water base Ink, Oil Bound.  Paints, Dry Distemper, Detergent Colorant and Textile Emulsion.
Ennarcyanine alpha blue heat stable Phthalocyanine Pigment Blue 15.1 Plastic master batches.
Ennarcyanine beta Blue Phthalocyanine Pigment Blue 15.3 Ink, Paint, Plastic, Textile Emulsion etc.
Kemikron Blue DB Pigment Blue dispersion Blue Colorant for Detergent powder, soaps and liquids

Khandesh Chemical Industries
“MULTIBRITE” brand optical whitening agent for Textile, Paper and Detergent Applications

Product Name


Field of Application
MULTIBRITE 2B 24 Cellulosic Textile and Paper
MULTIBRITE BBU 220 Cellulosic Textile
MULTIBRITE BBU Liq. 220 Textile
MULTIBRITE BA 113 Cellulosic fibers, Polyamide wool, silk and its blends
MULTIBRITE BA Liq. 113 High substantative Brighter for cellulose Fiber.
MULTIBRITE BHT 252 High Temp. Stable product suitable for Cellulosic Fiber  Polyamide & its Blend
MULTIBRITE BHT Liq. 252 Cellulosic fibers, polyamide and its blends
MULTIBRITE VBL 85 Cellulose Fabric viscose  products, polyamide, silk & wool.
MULTIBRITE PC 134 For cellulosics fibres and their blends polymide 6 and 6.6 wool and silk.
MULTIBRITE MST 353 Resin finish & PH stable product.
MULTIBRITE BOP EXTRA 24 At all stages.
MULTIBRITE P 167% 336 At all stages.   High efficient product for alkaline size press.
MULTIBRITE P Liq. 220 At all stages.  High efficient product for alkaline size press.
MULTIBRITE AP - Maximum efficiency in wet end application.
MULTIBRITE AP Liq. 230 Wet end application.


28 Detergents
MULTIBRITE CXT 71 Detergents  


Product Name Chemical Name End use Applications
 Fixer CPL Methalol Melamine  
Cross linking agent for Pigment Printing, Non-wovens, Interlining Materials, Permanent Finishes, Industrial Filter Fabric etc.
Fixer STD Modified Amino Formaldehyde based preparations Economical product used as a stiff permanent finishing agent for textile, Interlining Materials, Permanent Finishes, Industrial Filter Fabric etc.
Kemiform WSR Melamine Formaldehyde/ Wet Strength resin To improve Wet strength, Tear strength crush resistance and dimensional stability of paper. In Wet end application.
Kemicoat - XL Melamine Formaldehyde (Liquid). Powerful Cross linking agent used in Paper coating slurry with paper binder.
Kmidisperse - DC Acrylic Polymer based dispersing agent. Effective dispersing agent for paper coating slurry.
Kemisol – PFD Acrylic Maleic Co- Polymer Polymeric Additive for phosphate free detergent powders and cakes as a powerful Antiscalant & Antiredeposition agent.
Kemisol – DSW Acrylic acid Polymeric Additive Additive for washing  & cleaning preparation, as Anti scalant  and Anti redeposition agent with good dispersing property.
KEMIPLAST-600 Melamine based Superplasticizer for Concrete Melamine based Superplasticizer for Concrete
KEMISIZE PC Acrylic sizing agent for cotton and cotton blend yarns Acrylic sizing agent for cotton and cotton blend yarns
Kemilube – 200 Polyethylene wax dispersion Kemilube – 200 is a specially formulated lubricant for paper coating, developed using special high temperature melting waxes.
Kemisize-SB Kemisize-SB is an acrylic copolymer Sizing additive having very good film forming capability for paper in surface sizing. It imparts good bonding of starch with paper. It also possesses very powerful dispersion property
Kemicryl - HR Acrylic Polymer in organic solvent Kemicryl – HR is an acrylic polymer for glossy hard finish for cement tiles & paver blocks.

Konkan Kemistar

Product Name Chemical Name

End use Applications

Kemisol SPL P.V.A Emulsion Textile finishing, interlining fabrics, non woven fabrics, etc.
Kemisol AP P.V.A. Emulsion Highly plastisized Textile Khadi printing & Finishing
Kemibond SH Modified P.V.A. Emulsion Adhesive for wood working, book binding, handicrafts, toys etc.

Product Categories
1. Phthalocyanine Pigments
Fluorescent brightening agent /optical Brightening agent
Resins and adhesives
Detergent polymers and chemicals
Textile auxiliaries and dyestuffs
Paper Chemicals

7. Construction Chemicals

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